Inline Therapies is a health based business that has been active in the local area for 20 years (est. 2002).  We love what we do.  As Myotherapists and Remedial Therapists, we have the opportunity to work with everyday people to achieve the most out of your bodies.


We aim for maximum performance and functionality, whether it be walking up a few steps or running a marathon.

We focus on postural balancing to achieve this and hope to educate you about your body.


The clinic incorporates Myotherapy/ Remedial therapy with Kinetic link training.  This enables us to treat your muscle restrictions through therapy, and compliment this with strengthening the weak muscles with exercises giving you the best results. Having your therapist work with you through the whole process. 


Put your body in good hands...



Remedial Therapy

Keeping your body inline...

Focus: Pain, muscle balance, maintenance.

We want to balance muscles and joints to help correct posture, stress to the body, or impairements. This will allow you to achieve peak performance.

Remedial therapy looks at the underlying 'why and how' of your dysfunction. How do we fix it, and why did it happen.  We may look at your biomechanics and body patterns to achieve this.

Treatment may include:

  • deep tissue massage

  • cupping

  • trigger points

  • myofacial release

  • MET (muscle energy technique, a stretching technique)

  • education about your body.


Getting you back InLine...

Focus: Pain, dysfunction and Injury.

Myotherapy uses an assessment, treatment, and management approach to your pain.

​Initially your problem area is assessed with history, observation and functional tests.  


Your personalised treatment may then include:

  • needling

  • cupping

  • myofacial release

  • soft tissue work

  • trigger points

  • MET (muscle energy technique)

  • joint mobilising techniques

You will then be retested and advised how to help manage with stretches and exercises at home, combined with further treatment where required.


Charmain from At Ease Kinesiology call 0432 608 364


Kinesiology is a stress management system. Wherever the stress is, in your body, mind or spirit, or a bit of everything, kinesiologists monitor biofeedback through your muscles to identify and correct that stress. Charmain uses kinesiology, bodywork, coaching, breathwork, visualisation and her authentic care and experience to create a client-centred, holistic, non-invasive therapeutic experience.


Charmain specialises in both adults and children living with anxiety and stress. 

Other issues that she can assist with include pain, motivation, performance, concentration and general wellbeing.


Charmain focuses on the unique needs of the individual. 

She will assist the body and mind back to a place of ease, comfort and vitality. 

Char’s sessions are a safe space inclusive of all adults and children.


30min - $69

60min - $99

90min - $129


Char is available Wed – Sat.


Refer to for more details.


Pregnancy Massage

Pre and post natal care for everyone wanting to get pregnant, is already pregnant and suffering from all the body changes,  or wanting to help get the baby moving if you are at your due date!  

We have a belly pillow for extra comfort and the amazing feeling of being able to lie on your front if you choose.

Fran Wilson.

Listening.  Supporting. Encouraging.


I believe in a person centered approach to health and wellness. I aim to provide emotional and mental health support that promotes personal growth and self-compassion. 

I use evidence-based and trauma-informed practices that focus on building upon the client’s strengths and experiences. I am committed to providing a space for clients to feel safe, heard, and respected.



PHONE: 0493053328

fran photo.jpg
Alan Ostrowsky- Phone: 0417 158 834

Alan Ostrowsky has been has been practicing as a Natural Health Practitioner, in the North Eastern Suburbs since 1998. He is qualified as a Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist. 

His practice ethic is to work with you and your health, encouraging a sharing of experiences and ideas. With the sole aim of providing a service and outcome, giving the maximum potential of a effective result.    

“Over the course of the years, I have managed to discover natural medicines and dietary advice that are both potent and in tune with the body’s own healing powers. I believe in using natural medicines from a common sense approach.”

Alan treats a wide range of conditions:

Digestive Complaints:

Allergies and Skin complaints

Asthma and Poor Immunity 

Learning difficulties

Anxiety & Nervous complaints  

Hormonal disorders 


Arthritis and Osteoporosis

High Blood Pressure

Weight loss problems


InLine Price List

30 minutes                    $69.30 

45 minutes                    $86.60 

60 minutes                    $104.5

90 minutes                    $150.15 

All prices are inclusive of GST

Gift vouchers are available for purchase and can be collected at the clinic

HICAPS is available for on the spot payment processing for private health claims rebates

$30 late cancellation fee will apply if cancelled within 24hrs



Christine Lucas
Remedial Therapist
KLT functional strength coach
Bill Roma
Remedial Massage Therapist

Diploma of Health Science (Remedial Therapy)

KLT coach accreditation level 1 and 2

Christine is the founder of Inline Therapies, which she started 18 years ago.  Her treatment focuses on postural balancing, mobility and helping you to understand your body.

She can also use KLT to improve or correct technique, and increase strength along the kinetic chains for optimal everyday functional movement.

Hobbies: Wakeboarding, Basketball, exercising and spending time with her husband and 2 Children.

Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy

Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy


Bill is a very dedicated and passionate person in helping people of all different ages, genders and backgrounds. From athletes to desk workers to stay at home mums, any person who suffers from muscular pain, aches, restrictions and dysfunctions.  Or individuals who want to achieve optimal body function, mobility and postural alignment.  

I became interested in Myo and Remedial 7 yrs ago when I sustained a back injury.  Whilst in the process of seeking pain relief I started to develop as understanding of muscular pain and body awareness.

Hobbies: Bee keeper, keeping fit at the gym and spending time with family


Josh Rentos
Remedial Massage Therapist


Georgia Rizza
Remedial Massage Therapist


Mathew Morison
Remedial Massage Therapist

Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy

 Advanced taping

Level 1 Sports Trainer


Josh seeks a positive change with his clients in regards to pain management, postural changes and improvement to movement. He has experience in treating varying levels of athletes and everyday people including the Western Bulldogs AFL team.


Hobbies: Snowboarding, running and keep fit and healthy.

Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy

Bachelor of Science (Physiology)

Georgia is a friendly and dedicated person with a passion for health and the function of the human body. Focusing on improving quality of movement throughout the body and within the muscles, her treatments target restrictions, aches and pains to elongate the muscles, improve posture and muscle function so that individuals are able to perform at their optimum and go about day to day lives pain free. 


Hobbies: Pilates, Netball, Travelling and Cooking.  

Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy

Advanced taping

Level 1 Sports Trainer

Matt is a driven and genuine person.  He is passionate about improving quality of life by treating muscular pain, aches and restrictions.  He tailors treatments specifically to restore body function and pain free movement.

Matt was given the opportunity to work with Western Bulldogs AFL side, gaining experience from the best sports Myotherapists and Physiotherapists in Victoria and Australia.  Through this experience, and playing a high level of sport himself, Matt has developed a passion in treating the bodies of elite athletes.

Hobbies: Playing footy, gym and travelling/camping


"I went to see Christine when I could barely walk with lower back problems.  She was amazing and even after one treatment I could move better. The follow up treatment and explanation of what stretches I needed to do at home was fantastic. I would recommend Inline therapies highly." 

Sandra 38yrs, Greensborough

"Chris has enabled me to move in line for the past 10 years!  From sports injuries to post pregnancy instabilities, they have helped me with the lot! Their techniques, knowledge and dedication are exemplary and second to none!"

Fran 36yrs, Eltham

"Thanks to Bill I am now pain free after suffering hip pain for the last few months.  In just 4 sessions I am now able to walk normally."

Julie 63yrs, Eltham

I can not recommend Bill highly enough.  He has given me incredible pain relief and restored my mobility as it is very important to me as a gymnast.

Bill worked on my injured and impinged shoulder issue that I've had for years.  Many other practitioners have had no idea how to fix it.

His exceptional anatomical knowledge, scientific testing and thorough treatments got to the root of the problem.  I'm now pain free and stronger than ever.  Very talanted myotherapist.

Steven, 27yrs

"If I can't walk every day my health starts to deterioate.  I come to see Christine every week and without her expert advice and treatment I wouldn't be moving."

Norm 87yrs, Kew.

"I have suffered back pain and sciatica for years and i have been a regular client at Inline for treatment.  I always receive relief after one session with Matt or Christine.  They are amazing at honing right into problem areas.  They always make me feel amazing and so relaxed.  Highly recommend"

Megan 38yrs,  Greensborough

"Bill is passionate about Myo!  

I was surprised that he managed to make such a difference to my movement and comfort in an hour.  Bill was respectful, knowledgeable and invested in building a mutual relationship based on trust which I know I'll be better runner as a result of.  Thank you."

Lara, Montmorency

"Matt gives and excellent treatment.  He diagnoses your problems and deals with them accordingly.  He is prompt, efficient and friendly.  Overall an excellent service."

John 69yrs, Nth Balwyn

"I commenced a treatment program with Bill several months ago after struggling with piriformis syndrome, TFL, and hip flexor pain.  With ultimate precision, Bill was able to identify the root cause and correct these issues.

My regular maintenance treatment program now includes gait adjustment, leg alignment, glute activation and regular TFL and hip flexor adjustment which has enabled me to compete at the highest level injury free and with peace of mind.  I highly recommend Bill for a real effective solution to all muscular skeletal issues." 

Anthony, Viewbank




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2A Lambourn Road

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Tel:  0418 51 44 22

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